a word used to describe a person (or thing) that is hella weak or wussie.
look at this quaint ass motherfucker, got bitched out by a 10 year old.

you're being hella quaint though.

don't be quaint, come to the show with me.
by that one bohemian August 11, 2006
Means uber dank

Yo brah that bud is some quaint s***.
by Gravey D November 27, 2008
1. (adj) attractive because of being unusual and especially old-fashioned

2. (adj) Quaint can also be used to show that you do not approve of something, especially an opinion, belief or way of behaving, because it is strange or old-fashioned
1. a quaint old cottage

2. "What a quaint idea!" she said, laughing at him.
by Hesham Baidas January 23, 2014
Quaint -
1) Something which is old or is deemed an "old fashion"

2) Sometimes used to describe the female genitals
1) "It's rather quaint the way he insists we should marry before we have sex"

2) "Thats a nice quaint cunt, suitable for a good bashing"
by Will March 31, 2004
A derogatory term used by "African Americans" to describe Caucasians. Referring to the "quaint" neighborhoods where they reside.
Im gunna hit that quaint motherfucker in his fucking nose!!!!

Fuck you and your quaint layin style.
by Jezmund June 26, 2010
Means something which is pleasing to the eye
the scenery was quaint, different to the urban city :s
by xceej September 26, 2006
Awesome; epic; full of win.
Dude, check out that guy's ride. Frickin' quaint.
by Neferjeane January 05, 2009
only girls can do it and its a mix between a queef, a fart, and just panting really loud while in the climax of an orgasm while on her period
That bitch just rolled out the biggest god damn quaint I've ever seen or heard. Dammit she broke the TV.
by Britches and Hoes December 07, 2010

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