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A legendary beirut/beer pong shot that lands on the tops of four cups simultaneously. Considered the rarest shot in the game, topping even the trifecta, 2-cup knockover-and-sink, and simultaneous 6-cup game-ending double bounce-in. Counts as 4 cups and has never happened in recorded history of the game, despite being theoretically possible.

So rare for the following reasons:
1) Only possible with smaller-than-average cups.
2) Only possible when cups are arranged in a perfect square formation (not possible in a standard game).
3) The physics of it happening are similar to those of the trifecta, which almost never happens in itself.
Witnessing Dan's game-ending quadfecta in the semifinals of the Theta Delt beirut tournament was a thing of beauty comparable to seeing the face of God Himself smiling down on you from the heavens.
by Nicholas D November 23, 2007
a group of four tools bags at North Carolina State University. derived from the word trifecta meaning three close friends but this word they think is cool because they have a fourth tool in their "cool" bag of tools.
"dude we're a quadfecta, thats almost a full tool box."
by barton killer October 23, 2006
When one guy gets with one girl and proceeds to get with her 3 best friends. When you complete getting with the 4th best friend, you have successfully completed the quadfecta.
I got with Charlotte after prom, the next fall I got with her 2 best friends Kelly and Melissa, now I just gotta get with Kim to complete the Quadfecta.
by broshelpbros April 05, 2011
A woman who is an impossible combination of smart, cool, funny, and beautiful.
Alicia is smart, gorgeous, funny and cool... The legendary Quadfecta.
by Haggernaut August 19, 2012
A group of four collage students who spend their time trying to steal other peoples girlfriends. However, they are usually not successful due to the fact that they are gay. This, in itself, is a conundrum, but the members of this group try anyway. Quite a paradox indeed.
Their ‘leader’ is commonly referred to as “Barton”, although he also goes by “fag”, “queer”, “retard”, “queer-bait”, and “ass-pirate”.
Oh hey, there's the quadfecta! Lets go lynch them!
by That January 08, 2007
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