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A person who has sex with men, women, animals, and shrubbery.
Wow, Konrad is a total quad-sexual!
by WG Lizzle January 12, 2008
A person who is sexually attracted to males, females, neuts and hermaphrodites.
No fair, quadsexuals get four times the pleasure of the rest of us.
by Ronald McDonald December 12, 2004
One who will engange in sexual activity with:
anything that has a hole;
or if it does not have a hole, one will make one.
Person 1: Wow, he's just fucked a man, woman, squirrel, and a tree!
Person 2: Yeah, he's obviously quadsexual.
by Martin Axon April 10, 2008
person attracted to men, women, animals, and plants
watch out for those quad sexuals man. they will fuck men, women, animals, even hump trees man.
by jmix0 June 18, 2009
the most desperate people on the planet
they will fuck: men, women, andanything with a hole, anything without a hole they will make a hole for then fuck
Person A: did you hear about all the things alex rodriguez fucked?
Person B: yeah! he butt-fucked brad pitt, before moving on to screwing madonna, and then he put his dick in tinkerbell's pussy, and then finally he cut a hole in his bathroom door and started humping it right as the press walked in
Person C: he MUST be quadsexual
by funny examples June 29, 2009
One who is attracted to males, females, and Muriels and Rhondas from Muriel's Wedding.
Brice: Are you a lesbian?
QuarQuar: No I'm quadsexual you cracka!
by dwsaysaurthur January 14, 2011
A person who will only have sex if four or more people are involved
Hey you want to have sex with me and my twin sister?

Nope, I'm A quadsexual

a quadsexual, what's that?

It needs to be four people, add your brother and we've got a deal!
by buck bowers November 27, 2011
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