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Quad-boob occurs when a woman's bra is snug enough that part of the breasts squeeze up above the fabric of the cups, creating an upwelling of boobs visible even with a shirt on top. To the unlearned boob admirer it may give the impression of four boobies.
Check out that quad-boob over there, she must have escaped from Jabba's Palace.
by Murry D. May 16, 2007
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When a woman's breasts spill over the top of her bra, giving her the illusion of having four breasts.
I'd better go up a cup size because all my bras are giving me quad-boob.
by Brick Frog April 24, 2011
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1. Outstanding; amazing; beautiful.

Better than two boobs by a multiple of two. Twice as good as boobs.

2. The perfect or ideal woman. Supreme asthetically.

3. slang; Pocket queens in texas holdem poker, the third strongest starting hand, behind pocket aces and pocket kings. Two queens would have the total of four breasts or boobs; two per queen.

4. Half of quad queens; where eight boobs would be the total count (four queens with two boobs each). See octuple boobs
1. Those clams were quad boobs, they tasted so delicious!

2. Natasha was so gorgeous, better than a ten; I'd say definitely quad boobs!

3. Wow, Dominic just won the Main Event of the World Series of Poker after getting dealt quad boobs on the last hand, and they held up nicely!

4. Lol, Dominic got octuple boobs after the turn and the river were both queens!! Quad boobs!!!
by Oliver Yue June 07, 2007
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