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a pill of ecstacy that is supposed to have 4 times the potencey of a regular pill, hence quad.
i got geeked outta this world on a single quad stack last night.
by sundvlsroll January 16, 2009
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A pill of ecstacy that is quadruple stacked. Often times however, one of the layers is tylenol making it triple stacked.
My boy picked up some bomb quadstack pills last night.
by LeeNigguh July 08, 2006
4 Ecstacy tablets
"Yo, can i get a quad stack?'
by MikeSpinnerr November 06, 2008
A person who is real fat and funny his friends call him quadstack he sometimes gets annoying he loves to party and loves to spit his game.

Hey man did you see quadstack today im suppossed to be chilling with him today
by STEVEN MCLEAN March 27, 2008
A Burger King creation which can kill you with a single bite.
Dude 1: Hmm. I want a hamburger consisting of four low quality hamburger patties, sandwiched with 8 strips of bacon, with a slice of good ol' american cheese in between each patty.
Dude 1: I also want to die.. But take a huge shit before I die..
Dude 2: Then you would want the 'quad stack'..
by Kenny12345 June 22, 2007

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