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(kwerng) noun: an epic failure; an awkward situation, person or action; a typo in a text message or instant message.

verb: to achieve an epic failure; to engender an awkward situation or action; to send a message with typos that render the message incomprehensible.
(While eating your friend completely misses his mouth)

You: Qrng!

(You go for the hug and get a handshake.) Qrng!

Hey, tiffany i crnt make it to dinnsr. Qrng!

OMG! If I don't stop qrnging and pick the right answer to this question.

I just sneezed on that lady; she got qrnged.

I just qrnged tiffany. She was like, "what the hell?"
by Leasy2011 September 08, 2009
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