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Stands for Quiet Personal Chuckle. Not as loud or obnoxious as the more commonly used lol or rofl, but used more for appreciation of inside jokes or humor when laughing out loud is frowned upon or unnecessary. Often accompanied by a soft snort or grin.
Becky: Omg, did you see Chad trying to hide his boner during class?
Joyce: Yeah, I almost pee'd myself it was so funny, but I managed to keep it a qpc.
#lol #rofl #lol'd #lmfao #roflcoptr
by latitude_platitude August 31, 2011
An acronym for quiet pupil christianity, which is a phase meaning shit.
quiet is like SHhh
pupil is in an eye, like I
the symbol for christianity is a cross which looks like a T
QPC!!!! I just dropped my glasses!
#shit #quiet #pupil #christianity #qpc
by kathdizzle94 July 10, 2009
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