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Also known as a titwank. Was named "qooq" because when written and turned upside down, spells "boob".

Qooq is a nicer word than Titwank, which is why it was invented.

The word qooq is prperty of Georgie Brandon and Hayley Cowan
Laura laid on her back and let Greg qooq her.
by G-MAN_Brandon April 16, 2009
boob: upside down in a mirror is poop; not in a mirror is qooq.
That is our new word for one or the other, it is a secret code.
Also spelled QooQ to further the confusion.
I love QooQ.
Thats a nice QooQ!
Your so full of QooQ.
qooq is fun to throw.
I like molesting qooq... That one could go either way I guess.
by Flyinseamnky October 28, 2010
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