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It's a Congo name for a cheap prostitute. They usually wonder around the least frequented roads, in the subburbs of large cities and even near almost unhabited areas.
Most have very few teeth, low selfconfidence and business qualities but have strong legs (they walk a lot).
It's also a name used for disrespecting girls who go around with many and have low intelligence
Qimonda, how much is it?

Your girlfriend is a hot qimonda.
by Lipobaco Misuera April 12, 2006
Worst semiconductors company in the world.
Qimonda's board of directors should be taken out and shot!
by S l i c k April 03, 2008
An exclamation of pain or disgust. Usually uttered when someone does stupid, i.e. hits their thumb instead of the nail with a hammer.
"Qimonda! Man that hurts!"
by Five-O July 06, 2006
Semiconductor memory company headquartered in Munich, Germany.
I am a proud employee of Qimonda.
by Tom2006 June 01, 2006
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