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Today, in our society it's hard to define what a "qboy" is but in simple terms it is a FAG, HOMO, HOMOSEXUAL, DYKE, Etc. Its a great way to call someone you hate a fag! Use it often because this is one of the beautiful words in the english language that isnt used much.
Alan, you're a Qboy..

Quit screwing guys you qboy!
by Covey May 25, 2006
A qboy is a gay person, the Q represents queer. It could also be a Qgirl, it is a term to make fun of your friends or people you hate. A qboy can be described to make fun of some looser that looks gay.
1.Hey you! Qboy, your mother doesn't love you. 2.Qboy, guess what, qboy, you will never guess what I'm going to say, qboy, readdy? QBOY! 3. AH! You qboy why did you do that your so retarded!
by {COV}Rabbit May 25, 2006

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