The abbreviation q.v. is short for the Latin quod vide, meaning "which see".

It is useful when making cross-references, directing the reader to another part of the text, book or article.
e.g., q.v. "Latin: cf.".
by Informatica September 23, 2007
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Quick view.
The whore charges 60 for a QV, 100 for HH or 200 for an HR.
by OsoPanda June 06, 2014
Quick Visit. Approx. 15 minutes with an escort
QV: $80, HH: $120, HR: $200
by Monger_5250 March 03, 2015
short form for quick vin
What that was a nice game but we died very fast! qv
by Bios April 28, 2006

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