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A really fun subject of study used in consideration for blowing the shit out of things. Includes knowledge of chemistry and adaptation of other manufactured and industrial components to create explosives and fireworks.
Hey dude, I just made a flamethrower out of PVC and ethanol. Let's go nuke that army recruiter that smiles too much like he has diabetes.
by Kamisama April 30, 2005
This kick ass garage band based in Monrovia-Arcadia CA. Their music is sensational to everyone's ears. You hear them and you fall in love and you think, "Its too bad you can't marry music." Then you listen a little more and you think, " It's too bad you can't have sex with music." They are influenced by rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Beatles, Heart...., Megadeth, etc. Pyrotechnics is the shit.
Druggie #1: Did you hear Pyrotechnics play last night?
Druggie #2: Yeah man, I didn't need to smoke to get high.
#music #led zeppelin #the beatles #nirvana #garage
by MHS 2009 Graduate July 09, 2009
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