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Pyrochris (v.) - To lie about something on the internet, esp. on a discussion forum.

Pyrochris (n.) - An obvious lie.

Pyrochris (adj.) - One who practically lives in a dream world; one who blatantly lies about his status, possessions, and connections to brag and inflate his ego.

Pyrochris (v.) - To threaten to rat on someone after they expose you for being a pyrochris.
Dude, I know you're parents are rich but there's no way you could afford the Ferrari you're standing next to. Don't even try to pyrochris your way out of this one.

LOL, I'm sure you're friends with that guy in the video. He lives 3,000 miles away and is 30 years older. That's the biggest pyrochris I ever heard.

What? You're gonna report me to the cops cause I pointed out your lie? What a faggot.

If you find yourself saying the above sentences with one person in mind, chances are he/she is a pyrochris.
by PyroNotChris February 01, 2007
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