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Word used by utter retards that can't spell the word "psycho". Also see "syco", "syko", "phyco", and countless other variants.
1> U r pycho.
2> WTF? I'm "pi-cho"?
1> Ya, bicth.
2> Goddamn, you're a retard.
by MoonKnight November 23, 2002
a breed of seagulls that carry the rare yet debilitating disease dumbus fuckus.
Scroll to the bottom of this page.
by spoonie g May 14, 2004
see: nutcase, klingon
1. n. person that wont leave your house, even when asked to go away.

2. v. when you see your girl, getting way to close to smashin yo shit, all bacuse she found panties in yo couch that belong to somone else.
1. get the fuk out you pycho bitch.

2. Wwww-what the hell those are yo panties bitch, now put down, the manalo records.
by BigE, mofuka July 24, 2002
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