Something so incredibly amazing...that -zors must be added to the end (as in gamer speak)
Asian Kid: dood...this game be the pwnzors!!!!

Alex: um...using that word means no girlfriendzors for ever.
by Havik8(The Cuban) June 09, 2008
Top Definition
One who is in the act of, or is accredited with pwning or pwnage.
I got n00bed by this one admin, a genuine pwnzor.
by travis September 09, 2004
to be of or in a state of pwnzoration
thats so pwnzor
by Dan H September 11, 2003
To own someone, having property of them.
Oh my god dude! I pwnzor you!
by NiveL June 10, 2003
Often used in a shout of excitement. The pure essence of Pwnage and the term used to show recognition. Often used in games when your team pwns a bunch of n00bs.
(Team wins)
1st gamer: AMAGADZ WE WON!!!
2nd gamer: PWNZOR!!!1

(Going out for dinner)
Person 1: Let's go to wing night
by T3h Pwnage February 19, 2009
A large dinosaur, often confused with the T-Rex. It stands about 30 feet high and top speeds at 45 MPH. Lived during the Jurassic Period.
Archeologists have recently found a fossil Pwnzor, with 80% of its bones in tact.
by nathreemah February 20, 2006
"pwnzor" is mostly used in the online gaming community, with games such as Halo, and Call Of Duty. It is said via the microphone or sometimes by text, to rub in the shame of defeat to the other player/team. (See also 'Pwnt', 'Owned' and 'Pwn')
(Little kid) "HAHAHAHAHA I'ma pwnzor you!"
(Teenager) "Wow, you suck. Get a life"
by WeakSignal April 15, 2010
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