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Originated from an elite wc3 clan. The pwnzone is an underground wc3 squad. A handful of gosus that are known to use some of the most abusive strats and ruin the game of wc3 using them. They are seen mostly in 4v4 RT and sometimes ATs. Leader of the squad invented some of the most widely used feed strats today.
I played so good last night, i was in the pwnzone.
by Editor187 November 27, 2008
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1: An area in a video game, especially Super Smash Brothers, where one can get stuck or trapped in such a way that he may be repeatedly and relentlessly pwned by an enemy.

2: A respawn point, especially in COD Black Ops, which is in very close proximity to the enemy or behind enemy lines, causing one to die very soon, sometimes immediately after spawning. Especially used when this occurs several times in a row.
Player 1:

Dude, get your ass out the pwn zone!

Player 1:
" f**k! I keep spawning in the pwn zone!'
by R0BotK1ing January 16, 2011
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