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1. a combo of 2 great words pwnd and wonderful. pwnderful is an expression of delight when a smacktard gets owned after much smack talking. basically pwnd to the point of silence from the said smacktard.

2. pwnderful is also just a sense of amazement @ a skilled performance by one's self or a teammate who, when all seemed lost, came out victorious.

3. used when excited @ how cool the type of pwnership over the other player was.

4. fun to say just because.
"OH Snap! 1 shot! friggin pwnderful!"

"wow we sure shut him up. that was pwnderful."

"What a pwnderful day. we haven't lost yet"

"l8r n00b, havz a pwnderful day!"

by MATCHES007 September 18, 2007
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