Used usualy in online games (or to take the piss on pictures) Pwnage is when someone is attacked with no hope of winning. Usualy someone with a lot of skill attackes a newbie or someone less skilled. Another spin off of pwned but usualy used for situation when overkill is involved. IE and air strike on one person.
In terms of eve online. One person is jumped on by a fleet and is pwned with no hope of surviving. IE pwnage
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by Matt_t August 22, 2006
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Pure Ownage as used in online gaming to stress your superiority on all levels. Spawned from the root word pwn, which originated as a misspelling of the word own. Hence this stupid word is two screw-ups away from anything close to english.
William's pwnage in that game was complete and utter.
by MRostek April 25, 2004
Someone made a stupid typo typing in "ownage" and the world of 1337 was changed forever. Ownage soon became pwnage.
Usually used as an insult or interjection.
1. You got pwned hardcore!
2. PWNAGE!!!!!
by FP2000 January 30, 2004
verb: A term used to express one's act or state of elite preformance. Pwnage stems from the word "pwn" which is a typographical error of the word "own". The "p" replaces the "o" because during the frenzy of gaming, the player has no time to correct any spelling mistakes. This word is traditionally used by experienced videogamers, "leet" speakers and others involved in computer minded social or work groups.
"I played Halo 2 online today. I had 24 cosecutive kills... it was pownage like never before"

"I let those n00bs feel the wrath of my pwnage"
by Faust March 20, 2005
supreme dominance of anyone in anything
pwnage i.e. in gaming, discussions, and many other 1v1 subjects.
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by HMAR December 05, 2006
Pronunciation Key
v. n. pwn, pwnd, :pwnage, :pwnd

1. From the Root word Own, and Ownage, the process of defeating an opponent or opponents at various Multiplayer Online Games, including 1st person shooters and Rts game simulators.

2. To Eliminate (a character) from a game whereby the character is lost and terminated including extreme frustration, whereas slamming the mouse and keyboard helps justify the action of destroying ones own property.

3. To describe, pride, joy and accomplishment.

4. To inflict pain and frustration to opposite opponents, where the character : (semi-colon) followed by the character P, creates the word :pwnage. :pwnage in most typographical form creates a "smily face" infront of the word, ownage. Whereby creating :pwnage, which stands for "I'm laughing at your Bitc* A$$, because I just Owned your A$$".

Eg. Upon using MSN messenger type, :Pwnage and Ownage will be displayed
#ownage #own #pwnage #pwn #pwned #owned
by Louis Andre March 19, 2006
1. When someone seriously owns the other person.

2. Lakers vsing the Cavaliers on January 12, 2011. The score was 112-57.
Karl: I had some major pwnage on you in basketball today.
Caleb: Yeah still crying from that dunk you dunked on me.
#pwnage #lakers #cavs #lebron #karl #caleb
by carlos and calebo January 12, 2011
Pwnages, to assail an opponent with multiple pwnage attacks.
derived from the Italian word posseduto, meaning owned.
paramore is a good band because it has a hot singer,good vocals and awesome guitar,it pwnages. ect.
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