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The infinitive Spanish word meaning "to pwn". To date, it is the only verb in the Spanish language ending in "0r."

The correct conjugations in the present tense are "yo pwno" (I pwn), "tu pwn0s" (you pwn), "el/ella/usted pwn0" (he/she/you-formal pwn), "nosotros/nosotras pwn0mos" (we pwn), vosotros "pwn0is" (you-plural-informal pwn; used only in Spain), and ellos/ellas/ustedes "pwn0n" (they/you-plural pwn).

A common usage of the word is an exclamation in the adjectival form "¡pwnado!", which translates in English to "pwned!" The most notable example of usage is in the title of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez short story "El coronel no tiene quien le pwn0" (No One pwns the Colonel), about an impoverished, retired colonel living in Columbia who has not been beaten at Halo 2 on Xbox Live in over 15 years.
¡Te pwn0! ¿Por qué no me puedes pwn0r? ¡Porque soy imposible pwn0r!
by ThatDamnNinja November 25, 2007
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