pussy whipped ass nigga...if you do every thing that your girlfriend tells you to do
jake you such a pwan for leaving use for your girl
by kyle June 24, 2004
Top Definition
Pussy with a nut sack
The President is a major pwans
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
1. A collective term for a vagina, scrotum and testicles present cocurrently on some individuals.
2. Such an individual.
Plural: pwans
Jeff has a dirty little pwans.
Greg has no one, but two pwans.
by Tarun Namumagana July 09, 2006
A pwan means a point. A pwan is an area that is hella chill where you and your friends can go to chill and do whatever you want without being seen. Activities include smoking tweeds and having get togethers. Pwans are rated on how chill, relaxing, and undisturbed they are. Good qualities in a pwan include nice views, unseen, unknown and accessable by cars. This term was originated in Orinda CA. chill pwans include: Shadys pwan, Smashers pwan, and Quanzi pwan.
Ted: This place is hella sketch, police are seen from every which way.
Dorian: Lets bounce to Shadys pwan. Il bust some bitches and tweeds
Ted: Il match you
by Orinda Legends June 03, 2006
pajama wearing ass nigga
look at that pwan walking over there
by johnnygumgum January 13, 2016
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