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A mode of online gaming that allows players to have full control over their online characters, for example to fight each other instead of going down a pre-determined path. Stands for "Player vs Player".

Also, a long-running webcomic found at pvponline.com; written and illustrated by Scott Kurtz.
If you are on a PvP server, don't complain when some guy named "Left Nutz" kills you and takes your stuff.

"Did you read yesterday's PvP? Brent is such a douche!"
by lancelot323 February 28, 2009
37 11
Derived from the acronym for "Player Vs. Player", PvP may also refer to a quarrel between two promiscuous men when it is modified to "Playa Vs. Playa"
"Her baby daddy walked in and some PvP went down."
by Zion Zaibatsu May 13, 2008
42 28
P.v.P : Player Versus Player
a Balanced fight where 2 or more players of a game compete against each other.

Commonly misunderstood for:

PvP is generally expected to be a "fair" combat or battle situation

PvP is also the title of a webcomic drawn by: Scott Kurtz
Hey, are you up for a 2-2 PvP match tonight in Half-Life?

Man, yesterday's PvP was completely messed up when the Alliance Zerged us with Guards.
by T S May 30, 2005
46 34
PvP = Player vs. Pillar
In the World of Warcraft, players will try to compete againts eachother with the common goal of killing the other player. Unfortunately there is usually a huge pillar in the way, which players can "kite" the other player around. Resulting in a neverending battle.
Stan: "You ready for some arena PvP?"

Dick: "Yeah, yeah.. Player vs. Pillar ftw"
by Balleklorin September 10, 2008
26 28
The only way to game, a game were the devlopers have enough faith to give the players full control of there actions instead of forcing them down a certian path.

Carebears are the complete opposite of PvP gamers.
Shadowbane compared to A Tale of the Desert
by D.C. July 14, 2003
38 43
pvp of PVP - spanish or mexican slang for pinche viejo pendejo (meaning old fucking bastard or asshole).
Man look at all the pvp's in the bar tonite! Looks like were gonna have to listen to a bunch of frank sinatra and old country crap from the looks of these feisty fossilized geezers!
by Mac The Ripper September 25, 2012
22 29
Although traditionally known as player vs player, it can also be commonly known as another term for jacking off; player vs penis
"Yo Jack what you doing tonight?" "Gonna watch some Angelina and pvp!"
by Frums March 20, 2009
15 39