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a simple nick name referring to the fact the person fits like a puzzle piece. this can be referring to perfect proportionality such as a hug. it should be taken as a term of endearment seeing as puzzle pieces are perfect matches.

it is similar to saying two pees in a pod, yet far more loving. a complete term of endearment.
Man i'm just looking for my puzzle piece.

Kaylee you are my puzzle piece.

dude, when we hug shes just a perfect puzzle piece
by radical-edwerd January 19, 2011
two insanely attractive and refreshingly hilarious people suited perfectly for one another. plus, puzzle pieces adore PDA.
tyler and meg are puzzle pieces.
by crazycowgirl May 18, 2005
Sleeping in the head to foot position in/on a bed or couch with a friend. This position is to avoid looking gay and also to avoid the awkward overnight arm throw.
Yeah bro, Nic and Calvin had to Puzzle piece at Jareds.
by Cornbreadbrown March 29, 2011
when a guy is sucking on another guys dick and the guy he is sucking, is sucking the first guy
The gays puzzlepieced and had each pthers dicks in there mouth for thirty minutes.
by D_DOG May 02, 2006
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