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1.An extremely flamboyant homosexual young man, (often in denial regarding his sexuality)

2.A thick winter coat, often made of coarse hair (badger, bear, rat, etc.)

3.One who buys designer knock offs at costco and flaunts them as the genuine article.

4. (variation) Puyanito - derogatory term for a cuban who came to America via milk jugs, logs, trees, or any other forms of waste.
1. Damn son! That mothafucka's a puyan!

2. "Oh my God look at that cheap Puyan he's wearing, that's horrendous!"

3. That puyan actin bitch said she bought those armani knock offs in Poland.

4. Those damn Puyanito's should all be sent straight back to Havana to rot, they all just smell awful!
by Matt "monkey mask" Waldman February 16, 2005

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