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we say it in hungary when somebody or something is really bad, awful or disgusting.
Shaki,your hairdresser sucks.Your hair is sooo putto!!!!
by sunyuloroka November 08, 2005
a chubby, winged angel. also known as a cherub.
The putto upstairs isn't going anywhere if God has anything to say about it.

A putto's blessing is hard to come by these days.
by Pausto August 15, 2010
Its a thing we say in Hungary when something is really awful,bad or disgusting.
Shaki,your new hairdresser sucks. Your hair is so putto.
by ravaszroka November 08, 2005
a person who is able 2 be punk and ghetto all at the same time..not to mention looking good doing it
amanda & meg are so putto!
by amanda & meg August 03, 2003
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