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The act of squeezing your balls into the ass of a woman and the fucking her pussy with your dick. As you can imagan this is quite hard to do, just like putting to puppise in a bath tube. So that is it putting your puppies (balls) in the bath (ass).
Alex: 'That girl you went with last night a a wild rep any of it true?'

Graham: 'Yes, she loved anal and then she said to me put my balls in her ass and fuck her pussy, so I thought this is freaky but what the hell and gave it a try. Man its hard work to get your balls into a bitchs ass, they keep on wanting to pop out.'

Alex: 'So its like putting your puppies in the bath.'

Graham: 'Yep, so that rep is true my man.'
by littel jon April 06, 2007
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