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to dress up fashionabley and to get buck, go crazy. Everything goes.
(on the phone)
Ashley: Hey girlll, cant wait to see you!!! In four days we will be putting on the ritz!
Jocelyn: Yeah, it's going to be bangin. Miss you.
by ViewFromTheTop April 29, 2008
The act of sitting down (usually on a couch) with a box of Ritz crackers. The subject sitting down will usually originally have the intent of eating 5 or 6 crackers, but ends up eating a whole package of Ritz.
Man 1: Man, I was Putting on the Ritz last night.

Man 2: You're such a fatass.
by Hissmedaddy March 08, 2016
To put on a lot of weight. Interchangeable with "packing on pounds."
Damn, Tina is really putting on the ritz. Is bitch pregnant? Shoooo.
by hawtie007 November 28, 2010
Taking Ritz crackers, shitting on them and then feeding them to your partner.
Hey bob, yesterday I was Putting on the Ritz.
by Kory Cinder June 30, 2009
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