1. noun, Vagina, Pussy, Female Genitalia, Female Genital or Sex Organ. This sense used mainly in the South Western part of Bangladesh.

2. noun, Ass, Arse, Donkey, Asshole, Arsehole, Bun, Bum, Butt. This sense used mainly in the Greater Dhaka and surrounding areas.

Origin: a Bangla slang word, widely used in Bangladesh and among the Bangladeshi diasporas in the UK and the USA.
Example 1: Nancy has a great tight putki.

Example 2: Rashed's boyfriend likes his tight putki.
by JoyBangla69 January 08, 2012
Top Definition
hole in the ass/buttocks/butts.
you look like putki.
by abhradev June 22, 2008
my putki hurts
by Frak2Kaos November 30, 2008
Vulva of a young woman (mostly preteen, teen).
It is practiced at some remote areas in Bangladesh.
Class six e uthei pirit korar dhanda! Saalir ei boyosei putki te maal chole ashse!
by Vodarani August 14, 2010

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