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A person who loves to suck rooster(s), play with rooster(s) and fantasizes about rooster(s). A person who is in love with his/her partner's penis extremely, specially who has fetish about cock and fetish for cock size.
''John is such a rooster lover, he even hold and play with my rooster all night and didn't get tired!"
by JoyBangla69 January 05, 2012
1. noun, Vagina, Pussy, Female Genitalia, Female Genital or Sex Organ. This sense used mainly in the South Western part of Bangladesh.

2. noun, Ass, Arse, Donkey, Asshole, Arsehole, Bun, Bum, Butt. This sense used mainly in the Greater Dhaka and surrounding areas.

Origin: a Bangla slang word, widely used in Bangladesh and among the Bangladeshi diasporas in the UK and the USA.
Example 1: Nancy has a great tight putki.

Example 2: Rashed's boyfriend likes his tight putki.
by JoyBangla69 January 08, 2012
noun, Bangla word for penis. Came from Bangladesh.

Origin: actually "dhon" means "assett" in Bangla. But it is using a word for penis. As
penis is assett of a man. It is came from Bangladeshi diaspora of the UK and the USA.
My dhon is thick, uncut and long.
by JoyBangla69 January 04, 2012
Moozzie is informal and friendly way to say Muslim. In Australian English, it is a very common word.
Moe (short form of Mohammad): I'm a Moozzie. What about you Joe?
Joe (short form of Joseph: I'm Chrissie (Christian).
by JoyBangla69 January 05, 2012

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