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pilipino swear,combined in a word."ur mama is a hoe"in english
putangina mo
by sm1 September 02, 2003
It is generally a filipino curse literally meaning bitch mother or if used against somebody as a curse like " putang ina mo" means you're mother is a bitch or son of a bitch. Usually used when ones gets really mad with somebody and wants to pick a fight
Putang ina mo kakatayin kita
by Gerber1970 April 27, 2006
It is a Filipino word commonly used to denote that a certain foreigner is handsome. Filipinos use it when they want to avoid directly commenting to a person that he is hot.

It is common civility to say thank you after being addressed as a putangina.
A hot foreign guy passes through.

Filipino 1: Putangina yang banyaga na yan! (Wow, that foreigner is handsome!)
Filipino 2: Tama ka nga! (You're right!)
Foreigner: Excuse me what are you saying? I can't understand...
Filipino 2: It means you're handsome.
Foreigner: Thank you!

Filipino 1: Putangina talaga yang *insert foreign celebrity name here, i.e. Justin Bieber*! (That Justin Bieber/other celebrity really is handsome!)
by Expertguyhaha February 08, 2013
Tagalog for Mother Fucker
Guy1: Bitch!
Guy2: Putang Ina!
by hector564 August 22, 2006