is a phrase that should not be used by other nationality,
only used by pilipinos it is a bad word
in english your a motherfucker
there are also other types of this:
tangina mo, tangna mo, tangena mo, potangena,
pota, futangina mo etc.
putang ina mong gago ka ha! tangina ka! ano?! putangina mo! mamatay ka na tangina kang puta ka
by exdeath April 14, 2009
Actually this word literally means go fuck your mom, not son of a bitch.
Putang means fuck, Ina means mom, and Mo means you. Son of a Bitch is actually anak ng puta.
Putang ina mo tarantado!!
by Millimo October 09, 2005
Filipino word: means-son of a bitch
This is not your territory, go to hell you "son of a bitch."

Hindi mo teritoryo 'to, magpunta ka sa impyerno "putang ina mo."
by lloydtheLION September 23, 2008
a word used to define your mother as a hooker.

also a swear word.

real meaning is "your mother is a hooker"
Putaning ina mo, hayop ka!
by fafa thomz March 16, 2005
Son of a Bitch translated in Filipino language.... Putang=Bitch Ina=Mother Mo=your/// Your mother is a bitch!!!
Putang Ina Mo!!!
by Manoc17_Nikkipie November 09, 2003
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