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A slut or a prostitute.
Derogatory term for a woman or girl of Italian origin.
Male version see Putano.
No man, you don't want her she is a putana!
by putano January 09, 2004
Meaning SLUT or PROSTITUTE in the italian language.

You're a stupid Putana, put your clothes back on.
#whore #bitch #dyke #cunt #fucker
by damian G July 03, 2006
a greek word for a girl who is a bitch/slag
- eisai putana kai skyla !!
by LatinaKaterina December 01, 2004
a slut or a whore lol italian word
sarah staltfuck the hairy putana
by sum cool chick August 27, 2005
The most basic translation is SLUT, not necessarily a paid whore or prostitute. It is normally derisive and used to label a "loose" woman, to put it nicely. In some parts of Greece, however, it is now used as an infomal term of address not meant as an insult. Think of the term "player" in the US, except as it applies to a woman. Most, however, would take the word a severe insult equivalent to "malakas" for a man.

The word originated in Greece, but it is now commonly used in Italy, Turkey, and generally the Eastern Mediterranean.
That putana from Athens was rubbing all over him as if we weren't even married!

What's up putana?
*What* did you just call me?
#slut #putana #mulakas #hoe #prostitute #whore #informal terms of address #greek curse #italian curse #insult #curse #derisive term #derisive greek #vulgar greek #loose woman
by Dudas Drakaan February 28, 2011
Italian slang for a slut or prostitute. Usually Italians cut the ending so it sounds more like putan'.
Oh my god, look at this putana over here...disgraziad!
by wingnut707 January 07, 2016
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