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1. A genre of music that is often confused with "alternative rock" or "punk". While most of these bands seem to be trying to exude punk-ish vibes, their songs tend to be about unrequited love, failed relationships, and other things that depress weak-minded people instead of more traditional punk themes such as anarchism, anti-establishmentism, and the suppression of individualism. A common thread between real punk and pussypunk is the desire to elude the mainstream and "be different," but most punk bands do this successfully while most pussypunk bands sound exactly the same.

2. Any band member of the above-mentioned genre.

3. Anyone who tries to be just like a band member of the above-mentioned genre.

4. People who try to be hard-core but smile too much and/or are emotionally fragile.

5. "Pop punk"
1. Real punk- The Clash, Ramones, Crass, Sex Pistols
Pussypunk- My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Cartel, Panic! at the Disco

2. Most likely, your younger brother.
by lunacaerulea August 18, 2010
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a MAN driving that cuts u off forcin u to use ur brakes cause he too chicken to move to the next lane.
Damn that pussy punk cut me off and now i have no brakes left. i guess he has no balls
by Spwrinkles December 06, 2007

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