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After a virgin loses one's virginity, the person has a shit load of sperm dripping from his/her pussy or anus.
James:"Hey Ron. Guess what... I fucked Tina yesterday and I left her with a huge pussy drip."
Rondel:"Damn!Really?! Me too! Except it wasn't Tina, It was Jeff.....Maybe I shouldn't of said that."
James:"Yeah...well...I can't be your friend anymore because you kinda freak me out now for some wierd reason. And I've joined the KKK."
Rondel:"But your Hispanic...."
by James izzle April 28, 2005
102 25
The piss left on mingeflaps
"Ewwww i got pussydrips on my cock"
"sorry just had a piss"
by Jake Cave October 25, 2007
3 4