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A male who acts like a female because he will not have intercourse with his girlfriend or partner.
Josh wouldn't have sex with me last night even after I went down on him; what a pussydick.
by Jen D January 05, 2006
When a man doesn't wash his dick after sex and it still smells of vagina.
Bob had sex with his girlfriend and then went straight to work. Later when her went to the bathroom he smelled he had Pussy dick.
by NxTgEnPwNz June 11, 2009
An extremely hairy man crotch, often hiding the penis completely under the hair
"Did you see that new guy in the locker room? He has MAJOR Pussy Dick!"

by Silicon Quick May 01, 2008
when a person is being a pussy and a dick at the same time.
jerry is such a pussydick. he fucked me once this month. like, wtf
by tittyfest June 06, 2016
Somebody who can not handle the woman who would be the one.
The pussydick could not handle what he had on his dick.
by the Balazs August 19, 2011
a pussy and a dick combined. the slit of a pussy but a dick comes out the middle looking like a boner. The person that wields it can be a faggot or a lesbo and fuck a slit and a hole at the same time. And you can fuck yourself whenever you want to, but if your a dumb ass woman wielder than you might still think you should use a dildo but your fucking retarded and a bitchy waste of anyones time. God put you on this earth NOT I REPEAT DUMB BITCH NOT to be a cunt but fuck me on command.
pussy dick weilder
by a big dicked gage July 30, 2011
Someone who refuses to carry a box to Stefanies locker from gym class so he wouldn't get in trouble.
Ryan- "I'm not fucking carrying your box because I don't wanna get in trouble"
Stefanie- "your such a Pussydick"
Ryan- "fuck you I don't even know what that means"
by Hater99 June 15, 2009
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