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Similar to bambaclat, this word is mainly used as an insult.
1. That pussyclot never showed up, he was afraid we'd jump him.
2. Don't be a pussyclot, come here now!
by vveerrgg October 07, 2003
Similar to a blood clot, this type occurs in the female vagina, usually during a menstrual cycle.

It's also sometimes used as an insult.
Jeanie: Damn Claire, I've got a pussy clot again.
Claire: Aw, that sucks. I haven't had one of them in ages.

Mike: C'mon ya fuckin' pussy clot!
Dave: Ya batty!
by JazzJazz March 03, 2007
standard JA slang of nastiness instead of american slang which often uses blaspheme as the krux of the insult.
pussy+cloth. u figure it out.
by rzr April 22, 2005
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