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someone who, while driving, pulls out in front of you when you are clearly in a hurry and proceeds to drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit, knowing fully well that they are pissing the hell out of you and fucking your day up. when you tailgate, flash your lights, honk, attempt to pass over a double yellow, and throw shit at them out your sunroof, that bitch doens't even budge.
pussybrains have a tendency to be either elderly folk or of asian heritage. beware of gray hair, wrinkles and slanty eyes.
"goddamnit, would that motherfucker stop being a pussybrain and hit the fucking gas so i make that fucking light"

"stop driving like a pussybrain and put the pedal to the metal"
by Lars Cunningham the 3rd June 22, 2007
Someone who has a vagina that has been used and abused. It consists of a very loose and wide vagina. The lips are so fucked up they look just like a miniature brain! =]

Girl: Yes! Take me! Oh G-man!!
*10 Hours later*
Guy: Damn! This thing looks like a miniature pussy brain now!
Girl: I must be brainy!
by Kurele15DUDE April 27, 2009
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