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Someone who has failed to exercise his masculinity to the point his testicles have turned into puss.
Look Puss Nuts get your head out of your ass and come out with us!!!

Ask Puss nuts if his girlfriend will let him come watch the game!!!
by Peedah Collins June 27, 2006
44 9
A person who follows all orders and never disobeys parents or other authoritative figures.
Person A: "I can't sneak out tonight, my parents would be mad"
Person B: "stop being such a puss nut"
by Shomosexual's amigo February 18, 2009
33 2
A teacher that is such a pushover people can light things on fire in the classroom and he will shrug his shoulders.
Wow, Mr.Turner is such a pussnut that we all just covered him in toliet paper and proceeded to dance around him.
by unknownanatomystudent April 11, 2011
7 2
A pussy(kid) that has no nuts.
Steve Badame
by Brad Moser January 26, 2003
13 19
pussnuts comes from the words pussy and nuts(lol)it means to be shit scared of something or to be a complete faggot
stop being a pussnuts and fight me

u r the biggest pussnut i have eva met
by daniel chrisp (adams a pussnut) November 11, 2004
8 23