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1: Referring to the possibilities of getting some pussy. 2: Referring to the abilities of said female's pussy.
1:The pussabilities at this party are endless. 2:She has some great pussabilities.
by Mismurder August 05, 2010
1. A female that could potentially sleep with you.

2. Positive chances of leaving a social event with a promiscuous female.
1. Guy One: "Have you slept with Brooke yet?"
Guy Two: "Ehh... it's a pussability."

2. (at a bar) "There are some definite pussabilities here."
by Baron Zemo July 25, 2012
The possability of having sexual intercourse with a woman
The pussability of having sex with Mila Kunis is Zero
by The Dog Rescuer December 14, 2012
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