A long thin instrument used to push a screen or scrubber through a crack pipe to catch the residue or back after a rock is smoked.
Grab the pusher. We need to clean out the back.
by TheConcierge September 21, 2006
Someone who deals and/or uses drugs. Usually both.
Ms Norbury is a pusher - a sad old drug pusher.
by RileyRioT December 01, 2007
a remote control
Person 1: "I hate this show can you please change the channel"

Person 2 :"I would if I could only find the pusher"
by Teka2 March 26, 2009
A paid prostitute who does nothing more than bend over and allow the customer to push against the prostitute until the customer reaches climax.
Chris was alone one night so he went down to the corner and paid a pusher so he could get some satisfaction.
by Vixen Industries November 21, 2008
(Not to be confused with the common refrence drug pusher from Mean Girls.)

A pusher is a person who is afraid of change, yet has a once and a lifetime opportunity to change; but instead, the person just pushes the opportunity away in fear of the outcome.

A pusher is usually listed under these types of people: depressed, emo, drug users, synthetic or plastic.

by PoshLife April 03, 2009
The driving force of someone/thing. A Motivation. Could also be an abreviation of pill pusher.
She is my pusher, without her i wouldnt be alive.
by Wiggity Wack January 14, 2004

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