1)derogatory term for a male cohort

2) gonorrhea
1) Hey, Pus-Nuts! Give me another beer, willya?

2) That's the worst case of pus-nuts ever to enter the clinic!
by tolli March 17, 2004
Top Definition
n. a male who has been so ravaged by a vaginitis infection that his testicles turn into pus
hey pus nuts, hike up your skirt and go kick that guys ass.
by meatheaded July 17, 2008
An asshole person
My ex husband is a real "pus nut"
by Peanut Black February 29, 2004
adj. A derogatory name given to a man who is an asshole. noun. Pus filled testicles.
That guy is such an asshole, his nickname is pusnuts.
by moondance88 November 11, 2009
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