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An asshole person
My ex husband is a real "pus nut"
by Peanut Black February 29, 2004

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n. a male who has been so ravaged by a vaginitis infection that his testicles turn into pus
hey pus nuts, hike up your skirt and go kick that guys ass.
by meatheaded July 17, 2008
1)derogatory term for a male cohort

2) gonorrhea
1) Hey, Pus-Nuts! Give me another beer, willya?

2) That's the worst case of pus-nuts ever to enter the clinic!
by tolli March 17, 2004
adj. A derogatory name given to a man who is an asshole. noun. Pus filled testicles.
That guy is such an asshole, his nickname is pusnuts.
by moondance88 November 11, 2009