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#1. A very large,or oversized handbag{usually a designer brand}. #2. A trendy, oversized handbag that looks awesome, yet somewhat incongruous unless it is carrying your weekend wardrobe. #3.A combination of purse and luggage, or luggage that someone is trying to pass-off as a purse, just for the "look".
#1. Jen: Gosh Gabby! I love your new {Louis Vuitton/CHANEL/Balenciaga etc...}bag!....but do you really need all that major purseage? Gabby: Yea I do! The bigger the bag, the smaller my ass looks! #2. Oh man....all those super-skinny actresses carry all that rediculous purseage just to hide behind so we can't see how anorexic they really are......
by Carlye Samatas January 18, 2009
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