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'Purse pickles' (or 'pocket pickles') is a collective term for leftover condiments, side veggies, or other sauces kept on one's person after a meal, in anticipation of the next meal.

Purse pickles are almost always acquired from fast food or fast-casual restaurants, and are almost always used on meals of those types.

Anyone who is frequently in possession of pocket pickles is a 'tartar toter.'

A variant of this term is 'glovebox garnish,' which applies to similar items which are stored in a vehicle.

Any vehicle which frequently contains glovebox garnish is a 'tartar trove.'
Hungry Taco Lover: "God, these tacos are so dry. What kind of purse pickles you got?"

Tartar Toter Friend: "I've got some jalapenos and hot sauce from when we went to Taco Time yesterday."

Hungry Taco Lover: "Awesome!"
by The Tyrannosaur March 11, 2014
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