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traditional house cat wrapped in some sort of cloth or rug
"Booger, my meowntain cat, has made a purrito in the rug!"
by Booger! February 19, 2008
A burrito for cats!
Doug: Hey everyone, what kind burrito does a cat eat?! A purrito!

Will: Well what did the sheep say about that joke? Baaaaaad!

by bananaphone123 February 26, 2009
A pussy burrito.
As in, a cat wrapped up in a tortilla.
Laura: My .. hunormous cat that doesn't stop meowing. :(
Elliot: Make him into a burrito.
Laura: A purrito. Haha.

Elliot: I could seriously eat a purrito right now.
by Laura the Almighty One April 13, 2008
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