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an imaginary disease I made up to get out of work usually lasts one day... usually
Friend: hey you didn't go to work yesterday

Me: na man I had Purple Toe
Friend: ouch did it hurt

Me: no
Friend: is your toe still purple
Me: it was never was

Friend: oh ok? glad your feeling better
Me: thanks
by marc0fthebeast December 06, 2011
3 1
when you get your toe cut off it turns purple
his toe is about to become a purple toe
by jamie baldwin November 24, 2006
1 1
Something me bruvver won't shutup about. I mean, he just keeps going on about it, man!
Jon: I have a Purple Toe!
*Beats Jon with an Iron bar*
by Gaz: The Purple Toe Hater December 14, 2004
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