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Purea (say "Pure-rea") is another way of describing a "pure" character (a character with a single skill or many skills higher than their combat level) in the MMORPG "Runescape" who also happens to be pretty much a noob.

The word comes from "pure" and "urea" & the combination of the two means a "pissing pure" (where "pissing" is synonymous with words such as "blasted", "bloody", "damned", or other vulgarities.)

Please note there is a vast different between a "noob" & a "newb" / "newbie". It should also not be confused with "froob" / "fr00b" or "choob" / "ch00b", which are slighly different.

Also please note that like the word "urea", "purea" is both the singular and plural form.
"Dizzam purea have flooded our Pest Control world!"
by lord_anselhelm March 09, 2007
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