A seemingly random collection of 15-30 minute videos detailing the finer points of the gamers life (i.e. believing that you live in Azeroth, throwing pinecones instead of frag grenades, etc.). Jeremy is the main character of the show, with other characters like FPS Doug, Kyle, and Jeremys girlfriend. The show is pretty much teh ubar.

Check it out at: www.purepwnage.com
Person 1: "Did you see that sweet new episode of pure pwnage?"
Person 2: "Hellz yeah, it was like the pwnage n stuff, I mean, it totally pwned."
Person 1: "Like yeah, Im gonna go play WoW now."
by William Woody June 02, 2006
Top Definition
a hilarious collection of home movies about a guy called jeremy .
go download now , go go go
this series is hard to understand if you are not much of a game player.
'lets go watch pure pwnage'
by =virus.exe= November 04, 2004
A really funny show about a guy named Jeremy that is a "Pro Gamer". www.purepwnage.com GET IT! :D
Dude ep6 of PP just came out! ITS AWESOME
by eXo March 25, 2005
Pure Pwnage is an internet TV show created by "ROFLMAO Productions" It basically follows the life of the self proclaimed gamer Jeremy. The show is mostly humorous, (however non gamers probably won't understand most of the jokes), but there are some more serious parts to the show.

At the time of writing this the show is on it's 10th episode and is due to release episode 11 in a few months time. The episodes can be freely downloaded from www.purepwnage.com.
We are watching Pure Pwnage
by Ripper Skillz April 24, 2006
A collection of halerious gamer shows web www.purepwnage.com
Director: kyle
RtS Gamer: Jeremy
FpS Gamer: Doug
pure pwnage fucking rules.
by formation March 15, 2005
a great series geaturing 4 of the nerdiest canadians ever. or new jerseyans. iunno, but they are nerdy and great. especially fps doug. BOOM HEADSHOT!
jeremy: so like i killed his laser tank with my shock cannon and --

fps doug: im like BOOOOOOM HEADSHOT
by XaRaMF July 31, 2005
Pwnage in the raw.(can be compared to porridge). A substance that magically appears while the body slows down(like during sleeping). similar to the tooth fairy, Pure pwnage comes and takes away a bit of n00b that resides in that person. If pwnage is caught, the pwn fairy is forced to give you pwnage for later use.
june: I caught the pwn fairy lasy night.
july: Cus you lost to a loser!? what a noob!
July after pwnage: Care for a cup of tea, my dear June?
June:so thats the power of pure pwnage...
by Porkbun313 December 28, 2007
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