Pretty, nice, awesome, cool, sweet!
"I got a new skateboard!"
by maybealice June 30, 2004
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Word in the southern slang dictionary, meaning "pretty".
"That's one damn purdy girl, Jack."
by LRS November 13, 2004
A variation on the term "pretty." Usually used in an overly exaggerated tone, so as to suggest a lack of intelligence.
Huh huh, she shur is purdy.
by Almighty May 18, 2005
A small unit of measurement, sometimes annoyingly so.

Almost miniscule, like an award for participation.
I was supposed to do some work last night, but all I could manage was a Purdy.
by bc0r August 26, 2013
2.A non-alacholic drink made with spices and herbs.
'Wow, Anne, you shaw do look purdy today'
'Oi, Bob, give me a purdy!'
by BlueFladoo August 03, 2006
verb: used to describe an object that you wish to have sex with
1. Boy, you got a purdy mouth
2. Mom, those bisquits smell purdy
by Lundell January 19, 2005
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