An especially affectionate and outgoing cat, so named because it might be considered doglike in its friendly nature.
Candi: Wow, your kitty, Mr. Puffypants Q. Nomnom, came right up to me and licked my hand! He's not shy at all!

Bambi: Of course not, he's a puppycat. Now kiss me you fool!
by Mighty Kaytor February 25, 2009
pup-py-cat. noun. (pup-pee-kat)

A cat that presents with the behaviors and/or training of the average family dog.
I think I prefer a puppy-cat over a kitty-dog.
by turtlespoon February 06, 2010
a kitten
Damn, thats a cute puppycat.
by k_DiLLa July 16, 2008

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