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A snack made from Chex cereal, peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. In effect, all ingredients are combined in a bag and shaken until the cereal is coated with all other ingredients. Must be eaten with hands.
There is never a bad time to eat puppy chow.
by Shannon L.W. January 10, 2007
Crack-coated sticky hash-oil gew
Crack-coated Gewballs
Patouli Pete: I think i'm on acid
Dumpster Dan: No way G it's just the Puppychow!
by Bang Bang Nick Lange October 05, 2006
The result of eating out a vagina and then for what every reason, vomiting into it.
Shouldn't of had those tequila shots and tried to eat that stinky pussy. Shit smelled so bad I turned it into Puppychow.
by AntEnt March 09, 2011
A title given to special individuals with extraordinary talents. The name must be acknowledged by higher authorities and used by everyone.
I want to suck PuppyChow's dick.
by PuppyChowwwww March 15, 2009
performing cunnilingus while the woman is on her knees doggy-style.
Christy loves it when her boyfriend gives her puppy chow early in the morning.
by Pdog March 24, 2003
when you put chex in you hand, cum on them, then shove it in a person's mouth.
Justin Zych said he was going to snow angel me, so instead I puppy chowed him first.
by brent lindeman December 03, 2008
While performing a three-some, somebody excretes fecal matter in one of thier partners belly button, while the other partner scoops the fecal matter up with their boner and feeds it to the last and final parter.
Man i made some delicous puppy chow last night :p
by Samarko Guorombley May 01, 2010
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